Young Drummers Competition 2021


The Slovenian Tourist Board and the Golden Drum Festival invite young creatives under 30 years old from all around the world to enter their best creative work into the traditional Young Drummers Competition for the best and most creative video, this year on the topic:


Competition opening: 20 May 2021
Deadline for submissions extended: 1 September 2021 10 September 2021

Entry format: video

Entry fee: EUR 25 (VAT not included)

The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination for unique experiences through stories of individual persons. Visitors experience Slovenia through active outdoor experiences – hiking, cycling, water activities, adrenaline sports, horse riding, golf, winter sports, etc. Due to the favourable climate, natural conditions and the commitment to promoting and marketing Slovenian tourism 365 days a year, the active outdoor experiences product has the ability to attract tourists throughout the year with its broad variety of sports activities. 

The Slovenian outdoor product (or active outdoor experiences) which, in connection with the mountain holidays product, is among the most competitive products in Europe, is based on the excellent natural conditions, quality infrastructure, sustainable business practices and the responsible use of natural and cultural resources. The product has a major impact on the entire image of Slovenia as a sustainable destination for experiencing active outdoor holidays. 

Due to the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic and the various planned restrictions regarding the gathering of people in the next year as well, the active outdoor experiences product has a big competitive advantage compared to other tourism products because activities are carried out outside where restrictions are less severe. The Slovenian Tourist Board is exploiting this advantage by inviting broader groups of guests, even those target groups that spent their free time or holidays outside in a recreational manner and do not necessarily belong to the segment of guests who are active in sports. 

In line with the Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism, the Slovenian Tourist Board is actively promoting the sustainable attitude towards the environment and sustainable tourism. The vision of Slovenian tourism is made of many strong and marketing-oriented key elements that support the story of sustainable commitments and include the following key thematic sets and their content: 


  • sustainability-focused destination,
  • destination with a rich offer of traditional and local products and services,
  • rich local, traditional and modern culture and art.



  • a safe destination with a high level of hygiene standards, united by the Green&Safe label (responsible travel standards), used by tourism providers, 
  • 11th safest destination in the world (Global Peace Index), 
  • a destination with non-mass and individual tourism,
  • an undiscovered destination.



  • a green destination with unspoilt nature (forests, meadows, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, the sea), 
  • a destination with great options for outdoor activities,
  • a destination with all the required sources for strengthening the physical and mental health and the immune system.



  • a destination for 5-star experiences,
  • a destination for the more demanding tourist who is prepared to pay more for services or who is less sensitive to prices.

Create a short video or a series of short videos (max. 3) for the SLOVENIAN TOURISM BOARD on the topic:


The competition on active outdoor experiences in Slovenia is based on the sustainable commitment of Slovenia to the environment. The short video or the series of short videos should present Slovenia as a land of active outdoor experiences and may emphasise its natural beauties. 
The video should be designed by having in mind that it will be primarily used on the Feel Slovenia social media channels:
“Active” guests who spend their holidays in touch with nature. Couples, individuals, families seeking exceptional nature, an escape from the everyday life and a relaxation in nature – the so-called modern luxury. Slovenia is great for such guests; it is almost unique in terms of natural beauties. We are aiming for guests seeking unique experiences that are different from mass tourism. They are interested in additional services (where the guests are not left to themselves) in the form of products with an added (and higher) value, glamping accommodations (not necessarily for the entire duration of stay), and an original adventure experience (easy and hard sporting activities, e.g. hiking, cycling, water sports, skiing). Families with children seek experiences for families; they spend their breaks in the mountains, at lakes or at sea, they are interested in natural attractions, sporting activities for the whole family and entertainment for children. 
To present Slovenia as a sustainable destination for spending active holidays outdoors (hiking, cycling, water activities, adrenaline sports, horse riding, golf, winter sports, etc.).
Communication activities will be carried out at target markets of the Slovenian Tourist Board (mainly European countries and the USA, Canada, Asia, the Middle East).


You can use the video materials available in the Media Library on the website of the Slovenian Tourist Board, your own video footage, photographs, and animations. The Media Library contains video materials that are available free of charge for the competition. A login is required to use the Media Library.

Should you use the video materials from the Media Library, you must respect the video’s copyrights and also list the author’s name in a special field in the Golden Drum’s entry system.

Using the logo of the advertiser (I feel Slovenia) in line with the manual on using Slovenia’s brand name is mandatory! 


Familiarise yourselves with all of the rules and legal terms and conditions which apply to this competition.


Young Drummers Competition opening: 20 May 2021

Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2021 10 September 2021


The author of the best video or video series will be awarded EUR 1,000* prize by the Slovenian Tourist Board and Golden Drum Festival.

The Golden Drum Festival will give the winner the chance to present themself and the winning video personally on the virtual stage during the festival’s program dedicated to Young Drummers on 13 October 2021 (the Creative Accelerator Day). The winning video will then also be presented for the first time to the general public.

The prize will be awarded at the live online Golden Drum Award Ceremony on 15 October 2021.

Shortlisted videos will be presented on the website


Young Drummers Competition Jury

  • Suvi Lähde, Executive Creative Director, SEK | Part of GREY, Finland – Jury President
  • Aleksandr Dobrokotov, Creative Director, DADA Agency, Social Media Activist, Russia
  • Ana Savšek, Head of Content Digital Marketing Department, Slovenian Tourist Board, Slovenia
  • Sergio Spaccavento, Chief Creative Officer and Partner, Conversion E3, Italy
  • Barbara Zmrzlikar, Head of Research, Development, Innovation and EU Projects Department, Slovenian Tourist Board, Slovenia

How to apply & Technical requirements

The competition is open worldwide!
  1. Registration and the submission of works: All works must be registered via the online registration system at the website 
  2. Registration fee: the registration fee is EUR 25 (VAT not included). 
  3. Where and how to submit works: your work must be uploaded to the online registration system. Please observe the technical instructions for the submission of works carefully.
  4. Creative concept: one creative concept may include a series of videos (max. 3) with the same concept/idea (all parts/materials of the series must be included in one registration form). Each new creative concept must be registered and paid as a new entry.

Technical requirements

Technical instructions for submitting entries are regularly revised and amended. All specifications regarding entries submitted in the form of video data are set to Full HD quality with aspect ratio of 16:9. If HD quality is not available for submitting, PAL quality will be accepted. 
If your video is selected as the winning video, you will also need to submit the vertical cut-out of the video. 
All video entries must be NO MORE than 1 minute long (i.e. 60 seconds). 
All video entry materials have to be dubbed or subtitled in English. 
Video materials must be uploaded as MP4 files only and within a length defined for a particular group.
ResolutionFull HD (1920x1080 px), 16:9 Widescreen (preferable)
Frame rate25fps
Scan typeProgressive
Video codech.264 (min 15 – max 40 mbps)
Audio codecAAC (min 160 kbps), 44KHz
File size(*)up to 360 MB
(*) Please upload a video with the best possible resolution and within the file size limit. Should you wish to upload the file size of your video larger than 360 MB, please contact us.  
SCREENSHOT (of the video)

Screenshot is a required material for entries that have video materials.
They will be screened at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded.
Please submit screenshot that have as little as possible written on it, since credits for this entry will be written over it.
Screenshot must be uploaded as JPEG files only and in the following format:
Colour spaceRGB
DPI72 dpi
Size1920x1080 px
File sizeup to 4 MB


All works submitted in the framework of the Young Drummers competition will be open for judging and will be published in the catalogue of works at the website The rewarded work or series will be shown in scope of the daily festival program meant for Young Drummers (the Creative Accelerator Day) on 13 October 2021.
For more information, please write us at: [email protected].

Entry Fee Young Drummers

Entry FeeNET Price
Young Drummers Competition Entry25,00 €


* PRICE of the entry does not include 22% VAT.


VAT rules

In accordance with the Slovenian / EU rules and regulations on VAT, there are specific rules that we, as the organizer, need to apply:

  • VAT to be charged to all Slovenian legal persons and individuals.
  • VAT reverse charge procedure under Article 44 of VAT Directive for taxable person from EU having VAT identification number or taxable person from a third country possessing confirmation of being an economic operator.
  • VAT charged under Article 45 of VAT Directive for non-taxable person from EU or a third country.  

VAT number – a VAT rate of 22% applies in Slovenia. In order to correctly apply VAT on an invoice, we need your VAT number as well as your status of taxable or non-taxable person. Especially, this applies to the EU countries in relation to VAT reverse charge rule.

Please, do not enter any characters, other than numbers and letters. In case of wrong VAT number, the invoice will have to be cancelled and new one generated.

Competition rules

  • Only Young Drummers that are younger than 30 years (born after 15 October 1991) may take part, from all parts of the world.
  • One creative concept may include a series of videos (max. 3) with the same concept/idea (all parts/materials of the series must be included in one registration form). Each new creative concept must be registered and paid as a new entry.
  • No legal proceedings may be initiated against the jury. 
  • The author declares that their work was never before published and that they are the owner of the copyrights thereof. It is the sole responsibility of the participants for the quality and ownership of copyrights for the submitted works. The participants shall hold the festival’s organiser harmless of any and all liabilities against any third parties.
  • The Slovenian Tourist Board shall receive a non-exclusive copyright to use the winning video or video series created for the competition Slovenia, the land of active holidays – Young Drummers Competition. The videos will be used exclusively for the purposes of promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination. Copyrights shall be valid without geographical constraints for the duration of the copyrights and shall include the right to adaptation.
  • The author agrees to have the submitted works published on the website, used in press releases and, providing the works are shortlisted, to have them presented during the festival’s program.
  • The participant authorises the festival’s organiser to show or publish their video solutions for the purposes of promoting the festival free of charge. The above authorisation shall be valid from 13 October 2021 to 13 October 2031 and may be used all over the world exclusively for the purposes of presenting the Golden Drum festival.
  • The participants must strictly comply with the registration rules. By completing and submitting the registration form, it is assumed that the participant fully accepts the terms and conditions of the competition. A breach of any of the registration rules shall lead to an automatic disqualification of the registered work. 
* The prize amount (EUR 1,000) is the gross value. The prize is taxed in line with Slovenian legislation, thus the appropriate amount for the advance tax payment shall be deducted.
Also see Judging rules & regulations.

Judging rules and regulations

Judging Rules and Regulations for Young Drummers Competition

  1. Award-winning entry/ies will be selected by an international Jury.
  2. Members of the Jury and Secretary to the Jury are appointed by the Organizer.
  3. Each juror shall form his or her own opinion about the creativity and quality of entries independently, on the basis of his or her expertise, and shall award marks accordingly.
  4. The president of the Jury is responsible for the fairness of the judging and is appointed by the Organizer.
  5. All jury activities related to the judging of the Festival are coordinated by the Secretary to the Jury and supported by the necessary computer software and other technical equipment.
  6. All communication among the jurors and the Secretary shall be in English.
  7. The president of the Jury shall propose the judging and awarding criteria to the Jury before the judging process begins.
  8. All members and the president of the jury shall have equal voting rights, and participate in the judging of registered entries. Each jury member shall make decisions independently and autonomously on the basis of his or her expertise, reputation and authority. 
  9. The judging of entries in Young Drummers Competition shall be done on the basis of the entry presentations available to each jury member with the aid of online judging system. The first round of judging shall be done remotely online prior to the start of the Festival. Each jury member shall receive a list of entries and precise instructions prior to judging. Jury members shall examine all registered entries, mark each with a vote of YES or NO for inclusion on the shortlist. The shortlist shall tentatively include up to 20 % of top-ranked entries from which the winner will be selected in the second round of judging. The second round of judging shall be done online. Each jury will be brought together to judge the entries via online / video conference system at the same time to ensure a live debate and a fair evaluation of the work. Jury members shall discuss and present the winner on the basis of the consensus between jury members.
  10. Any juror who is in any way associated with the creation of an entry or its agency shall not judge that entry.
  11. Each juror may make objections and raise questions during the selection of the winner. At the request of the Jury president, he/she must provide reasons for his or her opinion.
  12. The decision of the Jury in all matters related to the awards is final and biding.
  13. Members of the jury are sworn to silence about their work as a juror and are prohibited from discussing the results with anyone prior to the official announcement in the festival’s program and at the award ceremony.
  14. Members of the Jury should take part in the presentation of shortlisted and awarded entries, organized in a form of public debate – if so proposed by the Organizer.
  15. President of the Jury should take part also in the closing award-giving ceremony of the Festival where Young Drummer prize will be given.
  16. Upon accepting membership on the Jury, each juror agrees to abide by the above rules.

For more information, please write us at: [email protected].



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