Entry fees & Payment


All registration fees of 2019 are in Euros (EUR). Registrations will only be processed with full pre-payment. The entry fee is applicable for each individual entry, either competing as an independent work or a part of a series (in case of a series a single entry or a whole series may receive an Award). It is the entrant’s responsibility to cover all the costs of shipment, custom duties, and all other costs that may arise.

A. Film270,00 €329,40 €
B. Print270,00 €329,40 €
C. OOH (Out of Home)270,00 €329,40 €
D. Audio240,00 €292,80 €
E. Digital & Mobile270,00 €329,40 €
F. Design270,00 €329,40 €
G. Innovation270,00 €329,40 €
H. Craft270,00 €329,40 €
R. Integrated430,00 €524,60 €
S. Activation335,00 €408,70 €
T. Brand Building335,00 €408,70 €
U. Functional efficiency335,00 €408,70 €
V. Content335,00 €408,70 €
X. Engagement335,00 €408,70 €
Y. Genius Loci / Local spirit335,00 €408,70 €
Z. Social Good335,00 €408,70 €
Young Drummers Coompetition25,00 €30,50 €


Finalists will be published online on Wednesday 16 October 2019. In case of receiving an award, we will notify you by provided contact information in the entry form. If you are not able to collect your award and / or award diploma at or after the Award Ceremony on Friday 18 October 2019, we will ship the statues and award diplomas at your expense.


The following VAT rules apply for entry fees in 2018 and are in accordance with the Slovenian / EU rules and regulations on VAT:

  1. VAT to be charged to all Slovenian legal persons and individuals.
  2. VAT reverse charge procedure under Article 44 of VAT Directive (1.odst. 25.čl. ZDDV-1) for taxable company from EU having VAT identification number or taxable company from a third country possessing confirmation of being an economic operator (VAT reverse charge under Article 44of VAT Directive 2006/112/ES).
  3. non-taxable company or person charged 22% under ZDDV-1 Slovenian VAT rules.
  4. VAT is exempted under diplomatic and consular relations by Article 151(1)(a) or (b) of the VAT Directive.

For further information, please contact your financial department or contact us at [email protected].


Our details for your bank:

Paideia d.o.o.
Gosposka ulica 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana

ID for VAT: SI57617724

  1. Beneficiary’s name: Paideia d.o.o.
  2. Beneficiary’s full address: Gosposka ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. Beneficiary’s account number & bank code – IBAN: SI56 0310 0100 3200 484
  4. Beneficiary’s bank & address: SKB banka d.d. Ljubljana, Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  5. Swift code: SKBASI2X

NOTE: Please ensure you cover all bank charges, otherwise your registration(s) will not be processed.
We will charge any credit card payment with 2,3 % on the total amount that we will be passing on to entrants.