Jure Korenč

Creative Director, Agencija 101, Slovenia

A good creative idea and high-level execution in comparison to an inappropriate idea or lack of creativity is what music would be when compared to disorganized noise.

The music draws people to it, lures us to the surface, awakens us, and encourages us to dance. The noise makes us want to close the windows. In Jure’s career so far, he has participated in both. And he has gained valuable experience and knowledge from both. 

As a creative force, He has been in advertising for 15 years and has collected numerous awards at the Slovene national festival (SOF), Clio, European Excellence Awards, Warc Innovation Award, Effie, SomoBorac, Balcannes, Sporto, Creativity and Promax London. Jure was named Slovene Creative Director of the Year in 2023, and a jury member of numerous regional and international festivals.

So far, he has worked for international and local brands such as Volkswagen, Spar, McDonald’s, Unicef Slovenia, Mastercard, Petrol, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Radenska, Donat Mg, Burek Olimpija, Gorenjska banka, Pivovarna Laško Union and Triglav Skladi.

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