Gergely Marosi

Chief Creative Officer, Mito Creative, Hungary

“I attended the University of Economics, but I didn't finish it. This topic came up at every Sunday lunch until I became the creative director at Mito at the age of 28. That was almost 10 years ago. Since then, my mom has been much calmer. In contrast to me, because I'm quite active in coming up with the best ideas for clients like Telekom, Borsodi, Mastercard, or OTP. Since winning the district history competition at the age of 12 - and exchanging the Bible I won for the first Harry Potter book with my mom - promoting youth competitions and talent development has been close to my heart. That's why we created our creative course called "Intro," which has already produced more than 30 juniors for the industry. This is also why I lead the youth development team at Maksz. And if someone wants to buy me a gift, they should get an old football jersey because every creative needs some silly and preferably expensive hobby, and I chose collecting retro jerseys.”

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