Laura Legrenzi

Global Senior Director, Shopper and Consumer Content, The Coca-Cola Company, Italy

Laura falls in love with ideas and fights for them. She believes that clutter-breaking creativity together with a persistent and consistent strategy can achieve the best results: this has brought her to lead the development of creative platforms for Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and many other Company brands in Europe till her role today as Global Content Sr. Director for brands like smartwater, Fuze Tea, Powerade, Bonaqua and many others.

Laura’s conviction that creativity, a relevant human truth and storytelling can allow the brands to get into a true authentic connection with people has been one of the driving forces behind some awarded and impactful campaigns.

Her main driver is learning, and that’s why she likes jumping out of the comfort zone. This brought her during her career to cover different type of roles, both on the agency and on the client side, with local, regional and global scopes.

She is Italian, she likes exploring the world with her family and a hand luggage, and she loves just spending the best time with friends.


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