Melanja Korošec

Director of Stategic Marketing, Marles, Slovenia

Melanja Korošec is a firm believer in the power of the brand and the desire for outstanding products and uses both guiding principles in managing global brands in the international business world.

Melanja drives global brand development by helping brands grow their global footprint, developing sustainable brand strategies, and helping global teams to deliver innovative products to markets around the world. In her business roles, she has won numerous Best Brand Awards and design awards, including the prestigious RedDot Best of the Best. In her fast-paced career, Melanja became Brand Director of Elan Group before the age of thirty-five.

Today, she is the Director of Strategic Marketing at Marles, an international brand of timber-built homes using modern construction methods. She drives strategic marketing initiatives, leads growth, and fosters cross-departmental collaboration within the group.

In addition to her day-to-day work, she is also a strategist and speaker. She keeps her audiences informed of the latest developments in strategic business development and focuses on creating integrated and experiential product designs and marketing solutions that foster brand building, complement the business, protect nature through a sustainable approach, and shape the future of brands.

As a former athlete and youth world champion telemark skier, Melanja is passionate about pristine nature and mountain wilderness, both of which are a source of inspiration for her work.

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