Ömür Kula Çapan

Co-Founder, Primer Project and President, Advertising Foundation of Turkey, Turkey - Jury President

Born in İzmir in 1981, Ömür Kula Çapan got her BA in Economics and MA in Visual Communication Design from Sabancı University.

After starting her career in RPM Radar, she worked as a Strategic Planning Director in DDB Istanbul for almost 4 years. Shifting from the agency side to the client side, she joined QNB Finansbank in 2011 where she acted as one of the founding managers of Enpara with the title of SVP, Product, Experience and Brand.  Enjoying huge success with Enpara, she took the reins at Tribal WW Istanbul. Fulfilling 4 years at Tribal with many award-winning projects, she joined the global innovation consultancy firm R/GA, as the Managing Director in their Istanbul office.  After her post at R/GA, Ömür has moved on to create Primer Brand and Design Consultancy firm along with her co-founder, Arda Sesli, which has already given the industry a breath of fresh air with its innovative business model.

A proven agency leader in the industry with over 15 years’ experience, Ömür has worked closely with clients to help create work that spans product design, brand strategy, marketing and communications. She’s also contributing to classes in marketing and communications in Sabancı University, Bilgi University, Bahçeşehir University nd Boğaziçi University.  In addition, Ömür is in the Executive Board of Education Reform Initiative and as of 2019, she’s acting as the President of Advertising Foundation.

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