Penny Brook

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Reimaginer, Sustainnovate, Former CMO, Canada Goose, Switzerland

Personal: Penny Brook was born in Malawi, Africa, she is British of Anglo-Indian descent. Her early years in Africa impressed the significance and wonder of the natural world upon her and her passion for social equality. She currently lives in Switzerland with her family.  

Career: Penny is a C-Suite Business Executive, her 25-year career specializing in mission-driven Marketing, Experience and Business thought leadership. Penny has held leadership positions Clarks, Philips and Mulberry and her decade long career at Canada Goose as CMO saw her establish its founding brand dna to include the company’s commitment to ‘keep the planet cold and its people warm’ - today Canada Goose is leading in sustainable product innovation, has the largest indigenous art program at retail and a track record supporting Arctic programs such as Polar Bear International, a charity Penny continues to advise. 

Her current role as CEO and Founding Reimaginer at Sustainnovate, marks a new more expansive mission partnering with brands so they can transform from being ‘less bad’ to ‘positively good’. As a Founding Reimaginer she is part of a movement that demonstrates the potential of a new business paradigm where brands can transform to the benefit of nature, society and profitable business outcomes.     

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