Ruža Tomić Fontana

General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Adria

Ruža Tomić Fontana is currently holding the position of General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Adria business unit, in which capacity she is responsible for business operations in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. Prior to assuming the role of General Manager,  from 2002 onward Ruža has held various key commercial positions as Sales Manager for Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, Commercial Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and Product Development Manager for Croatia.

During her work Ruža has led various teams with great commitment and passion, and developed her leadership skills. As a part of Senior Lead Team of Coca-Cola HBC Adria (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia), she gained knowledge and expertize in developing and executing business strategies across different markets, business integration and organizational culture transformation.

Ruža Tomić Fontana holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. She values excellence, continuous learning and improvement and is strongly committed to innovation in business, people development and building high performing teams.

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