Artak Harutyunyan

Founder and Chief Creative Officer, SMARTOLOGY, Armenia

Artak, a seasoned marketing and creative advertising professional since 2004, has consistently led innovative initiatives in both local and global campaigns.

During his tenure at Inecobank from 2008, Artak pioneered social media promotion in Armenia, becoming the first to organize a live draw exclusively online. His impact extended to various technology and digital marketing projects and campaigns. As a jury and coach for Brand'n'Gain and Popok International Advertising Biennale, he contributed significantly to the industry. Artak is also a proud member of the Armenian Marketing Association.

From 2016 to 2018, he spearheaded the digital advancement direction for the RA government, showcasing his expertise at the national level. As a guest speaker, Artak has shared insights at over 30 international events across cities like Moscow, Kyiv, Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Istanbul.

In 2023, Artak initiated and hosted the Meta Creative Meetup event, a notable gathering featuring speakers from Meta, further solidifying his commitment to driving innovation in the marketing landscape.

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