Haris Mujanović

Chief Executive Officer, Via Media, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Haris embarked on his career in branding and advertising in 2012, fuelled by the belief in the transformative power of creativity. Today, he holds the position of CEO at Via Media, a creative agency that he guided to numerous local and regional awards including Sempl, Balcannes, Golden Drum, Somoborac, NO Limit, and the most recent, prestigious title of Adriatic Agency of the Year 2023 at the Golden Drum. Haris is also a key member of the team behind one of the most awarded campaigns in the Adriatic region, a remarkable achievement for the retailer Bingo.

His exceptionally rapid professional growth can be attributed to his genuine passion for discovering unusual and unexplored ways of connecting brands with the minds and hearts of their audiences. However, Haris channels his creativity not only towards building brands but also in the service of growing businesses. This distinctive perspective is instrumental in his additional role as the Marketing Director of Bingo Group, the largest domestic company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, overseeing the operations of the largest retailer in the market - Bingo.

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