Olga Peresild

Chief Executive Officer, EssenceMediacom, Estonia

Olga has worked in the marketing communication business for approximately 20 years, first of them as an analyst and data specialist, then an account manager and media strategist, later as a Head of development and Client Relationships. During these years she has worked with spectacular brands and marketing teams, e.g. P&G, Coca-Cola, Circle K, Telia, Stockmann, Fazer, Swedbank, Prisma Peremarket etc. The list is long, but the substantive aspect and the experience she has gained from these collaborations are definitely more vital. You could say that the „accelerators“  in her career have been the real challenges that brands encountered at different stages of their life span as well as the people who have been responsible for the business side of these brands. Olga’s professional development has certainly been supported by the fact that she has managed to learn several professions within media agency and finally the CEO of an agency. Each position has opened up a new aspect of marketing for her and helped her understand the real connection of all these competencies to client’s businesses.

In her spare time, Olga read books on child psychology as she has a daughter at an age where visible changes are revealed in her every day. The child’s rapid development requires her to constantly adapt and work on herself. She is also getting the best of both worlds, as she sees that these books also help her to get answers to how to be the best leader for her team and how to be emotionally prepared for any unexpected situations.

In addition, Olga also contributes to the development of the marketing field as a member of the board of the Estonian Marketing Association, or TULI. In the autumn of 2022, TULI organized the first effectiveness competition TULImust, where works were evaluated in four categories – „Brand contact“, „Data usage“, „Performance marketing“ and „Positive change“. The competition, which was launched to balance out the creativity competitions and to focus on results, data and effectiveness, was one of her passion projects.

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