Petra Jankovičová

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Triad Prague, Czech Republic

Petra embarked on her marketing and communication journey over 18 years ago, rapidly establishing herself as a fervent advocate for purpose-driven business and the influential role of brand voice in fostering a sustainable, diverse, and equitable society.

As a co-founder of Triad Prague, Petra was pivotal in transforming the agency from a nascent startup to one of the top independent contemporary agencies in the Czech market and Europe. Her strategic vision was crucial in developing innovative concepts and integrated strategies for renowned Czech and global brands such as IKEA, Asahi, O2, Savencia, Phillips, Notino, Livesport, and Amnesty International, impacting markets across Czechia, Slovakia, and over 24 countries in Europe, LatAm and Asia. Under her strategic leadership, Triad ranked among the top 9 top independent agencies based on the Effie Index in Europe in 2022.

Her work has garnered international acclaim, with accolades including Effie Global, Epica, New York Festivals, and Cannes Lions, predominantly in Integrated Comms, Brand Purpose, and DEI categories. Petra's expertise and judgment are highly sought after, as evidenced by her participation in over 20 juries of advertising, effectiveness, and PR award shows.

Beyond her agency achievements, Petra's leadership extends to significant industry contributions. She is a co-founding member of TEDx Bratislava, has served as the first female President of the Association of Communication Agencies in the Czech Republic, and leads initiatives for Ethics in advertising and communications.

Her commitment to mentoring and education is evident through her roles in #HolkyzMarketingu, Femme Palette, and as a lecturer of Brand Strategy at SKVOT Czech. Petra is also a recognized speaker and columnist, sharing her insights on marketing, strategic communication, innovation, leadership, sustainability, and diversity.

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