Berk Kuşaksız

Founder, Digital Advice Lab, Turkey

Berk has over 21 years of experience in digital marketing. He has been in the internet industry since 1999, spent his first 9 years in agencies as digital media planning and purchasing. He established Digital Advice Lab in 2016 after he assumed the position of General Manager in Digital Bureau Istanbul. He continues his digital media training in private institutions and universities.

Digital Advice Lab is a digital marketing consultancy company for brands. Auditing brands' digital media budgets, auditing or re-designing the marketing team and digital agencies, designing offline to online conversion path, pitch consultancy, and training for marketing teams or C-Level executives are some examples of their services.

Berk and his team specialize in Digital media buying & planning, analytics, mobile, search engine marketing, social media, programmatic, influencer, native, data, conversion, lead generation, digital media automation, digital media innovation, digital marketing strategy, analyse and determine effective marketing strategies.

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