Kuba Przeszłowski

Deputy Creative Director, DDB Warsaw, Poland

Kuba was born in 1981 in Warsaw. He finished high school in Ottawa in 2000 and came back to Warsaw to study Psychology of Visual Communication at the University of Social Psychology. After three years he has dropped university to begin work as a designer in packaging at a computer hardware company. After four years of work in packaging it became clear he’s more interested in creating reasons people reach for products not only designing their visual appearance. That’s how in 2007 he found his way into advertising. He has spent his first three years at digital/interactive sections of Ogilvy and McCann which in those days were separate sections of agencies. In the following years he fluently switched to a 360* approach at 180+JungVonMatt, DDB and Ogilvy. His current position is Deputy Creative Director at DDB Warsaw and he is responsible for McDonald’s on the Polish market. Kuba’s awards from recent years include: 3x Bronze LIA, a Bronze Cannes Lion and Graphite Pencil at AD&D.

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