Martina Gršković

Social Media Director, 404 agency, Croatia

Martina is a social media nut since My Space and early years of Facebook. She started her career in digital marketing 8 years ago as a community manager and currently is working in 404 agency in Zagreb as a senior account manager and social media director.

For her social media engagement on the project The Voice she won a SoMo Borac community manager of the year award. Soon after, she starts to work as an account manager in 404 and over the years the years she is handling digital communication and strategies of numerous multinational companies in EMEA region (Croatian Telekom, Coca Cola, adidas, Huawei, HP, Wrigley…).

Martina's passion for social media never faded so in 2018 she takes over a 404 agency social media department as a social media director while working as a senior account manager as well. 

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