Mateo Fernandez

Creative Director, McCann Paris, France

Mateo Fernandez is the son of a well known Colombian editorial and advertising photographer, his mom was runner up for Miss Colombia.
His dad's job is mainly where the passion for art direction and advertising comes from and why it only grew stronger with time. His mom's former glory is just cool. 
Living in such a strongly aesthetic and visual home made his creative eye grow sharper.
Went to college in the United States at the University of Minnesota, then stay in Minneapolis for Miami Ad School. 
Started to work in a small shop as a freelancer in Minneapolis and went back home to Colombia to work at Young and Rubicam. Then LOWE SSP3, then Ogilvy & Mather Bogotá, then Ogilvy & Mather Paris, and now McCann Paris, where he got nominated as one of the 10 best creative partnerships under 30 in France, produced one of the most awarded campaigns in France in 2018, won the VR for Good project at Cannes 2019, and got promoted to ACD.
A couple of years later got promoted to CD, And produced the most awarded campaign in France on 2021 (The Bread Exam) getting a PR Grand Prix at Cannes 2021, Garand Prix at Effie, Grand Prix at Golden Drum, EuroBest and Wark.

His work and life creativity is drawn from culture, from his big want to understand how it works and how to channel it for his work and for the bettering of people outcome and the one of the world. Lately he has been having teeny-tiny bi-weekly panic attacks concerning his place in this world and the future of it. So every day he strives to be a better person and to use his creativity for good.
He is still writing or rather art directing his story.

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