Sean Poropat

Creative Director, Co-Owner and Co-Founder, Studio Sonda, Croatia

Creative Director, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Studio Sonda, an Independent creative studio for design and communications, founded in 2004 together with Jelena Fiškuš. Sean believes that design and communication must be logical, sincere and intuitive. His professional goal is to prove the high efficiency of creativity by making it accessible to everyone. In the inspirational environment of the small town of Vizinada, in the heart of the Istrian peninsula (Croatia), while overlooking green hills, Sonda team creates design and communication projects which are globally recognized, proving that globally relevant work can be created no matter where you are located. In 2021 Studio Sonda built a 900m2 Creative Center in Vižinada, with the aim of proving (through the pilot project of Vižinada), how effective creativity can be. Sonda was proclaimed by Effie as the 10th most efficient independent agency in Europe. Winners of over 150 professional awards such as: Cannes lions, Effie Europe, Eurobest, Epica, Red Dot Best of Bests, ADC Gold, IF, World Star Packaging, LIA, Pentawards, Golden Drum, Big award of the Croatian Designers Association and many more…

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