Cătălin Rusu

Chief Creative Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Rusu+Bortun Bucharest, Romania

Born in 1980.

Lazy basketball player since 1992.

Copywriter since 2001 at Ogilvy & Mather.

Creative Director since 2007 at Cohn & Jansen JWT. Co-founder, Chief Creative Partner and Chief Executive officer at Rusu+Bortun (Brand Growers & Cyber Growers) since 2008.

Brand consultant, juror (ADC Europe Awards, Effie) and speaker (personal branding, creativity, entrepreneurship) since 2010.  Accolades at Effie Awards, Golden Drum, AdPrint, ADC Awards, Rebrand100, Sabre Awards, Fibra Awards.

IAA School – Leadership graduation since 2012. Member of Art Directors Club Romania since 2014. Member of CEO Clubs International since 2016.

Dad since 2012.

Co-founder VRunners.com, a game based learning platform, since 2015.

Co-founder Apollo111 Theatre since 2016.


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