Farid Chehab

My fondest memory of Golden Drum

Farid Chehab, Golden Drum Hall of Fame Member

“One year was very special to me, it was in the 2009 edition. I could know that our CEE network was going to be Network of the year. This was the result of 4 years of efforts and continuous visits for mentoring and improving the creative output of our offices in Central Europe. This result had a very sweet taste and when I was suddenly asked to call and ask our Creative Director from the Middle East to fly and join the party, I knew it will remain with me for a long time. To my huge surprise I was informed that our Beirut offices also won the Golden Rose Best Agency of the year. 2 Trophies in ONE! That Golden Drum night, the President of Slovenia mentioned our successful campaign for Pert Plus in his speech. He said he was enchanted “to see the hair rescuing his fellow falling hair from going down the drain” which was the main animation of the commercial. Another fond moment or moments were our dinners at Neptune and the gorgeous grilled monkfish which had a taste of Heaven. I am not getting awards this time but my Neptune dinner surely is a yes!”