Žarko Sakan

My fondest memory of Golden Drum

Žarko Sakan, Golden Drum’s Honorary Ambassador from Serbia

“For me Golden Drum is not a several days per year festival, it is a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I feel mixed emotions but always a deep personal connection with the festival. There are many memories; good and bad ones, get-togethers’ and departures, wining and loosing, parties and hangovers…

Whenever I look at the wall of Golden Drum Hall of Fame it brings out fantastic feelings.

The Fondest memory is from 1998 when my father’s agency won agency of the year and then when 15 years later New Moment Macedonia won again the same title. I feel great that being a part of Golden Drum continues to be my family’s tradition and wish it will be so for many years to come.”