Meta Dobnikar

Hall of fame

Thanks to Meta, the Golden Drum Festival has been put on the map of the World’s most prominent and important advertising festivals. It is this festival that brings together representatives of advertising, prominent guests and speakers, a festival that teaches, rewards and celebrates.

This is a recognition for the years of work in creating and developing the Golden Drum Festival as it represents an outstanding value and importance, not only for the advertising profession in Slovenia, but also internationally.

“My name on Bernardin’s wall of fame is a great reward that I am very proud of. I understand it as confirmation, reminder and an action of gratitude of all those people that helped Golden Drum to become as it is. Without all the enthusiasm and love it wouldn’t become such a great festival. Recognition not only in our industry not only in countries across New Europe but much wider has driven us to innovate and create. Bitter sweet was the knowledge that our ideas were used by many creators of other similar festivals across the world. The head and the heart of our organisation team was of course Jure Apih, I was just the neck, and many many great co-workers synchronized body.”

Meta Dobnikar

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