Pawel Heinze

Freelance Creative Director/Consultant

Freelance Creative Director/Consultant


How do you feel about Golden Drum Festival? What do you especially like about the brand, event and the general atmosphere in Portorož?

Golden Drum is a great concept. Although it is constantly changing or maybe I should say evolving, it never lost the ambition to recognise, highlight and promote the best creative achievements in the so-called New Europe. I mentioned about that couple of years ago in one of interviews – the Festival has always been some sort of a door to the world of creative advertising. And I believe it’s still doing its job.

It’s also important for networks as it gives points in global rankings.

Golden Drum is less conceited than the biggest international shows; it’s friendlier, not so overwhelming, indicates regional context and perspectives as well. I am not sure if it’s the right word but there is a kind of feeling of cosiness – although it’s not easy to win here. Not at all.

Festival also gives possibilities to gain contacts which are very useful in the context of the clients operating regionally. Such informal contacts from Golden Drum were always very helpful and fruitful.

And of course it’s a magical spot even when windy and rainy.

What are the 3 things you would wish to see or experience at the Golden Drum Festival in 3-5 years from today?

I wouldn’t call it wishes, some general remarks instead. It has to follow changes we and industry experience, react for rapidly changing reality, should meet ambitions and expectations of new generations which grown up in total political, cultural, social and economic freedom. It’s very easy nowadays to get aged and irrelevant. I’d like to experience Golden Drum as a significant and relevant event devoted to actual commercial creativity.

What are 3 things you wish to see happen in the creative advertising industry in 3, 5 or 10 years from today?

Creativity is not reserved for advertising or communication industry any more. It might come from everywhere and from everyone. There is some important change in the way we and clients perceive and understand advertising authority. I do not know – do not feel like futurist. Especially in such rapidly changing and blurred reality. I can only guess. Media space is over packed so maybe we will experience some sort of reduction, selection – something like AOD – Advertising On Demand, a true personalisation, unique brand service based on entertainment or usability, human beings becoming medium, IoT will play important role, maybe there will be creative farms where you can buy ideas and concepts, repack it and sell it, artificial intelligence used as a generator of massages. We are in our part of the world more and more mature as consumers – it will affect the industry. Technology and media changes us – no doubts. But our needs for beauty, touching moments, breath taking stories, humour, unusual characters, truth well served – all that things remains. Only delivery will be different.

How do you see New Europe as a creative community? What would you wish to keep and what to change?

I am not sure if such a thing still exists nowadays, I think we become just Europeans and ambitions of creative people are maybe bigger than just regional. I think they desire global recognition.  Especially new generation of creatives. The best of them operate globally. And I think it’s great, keep that way. All the more there are many examples New Europe can be proud of.

On a more personal note: Who were/are your idols? Who did/do you want to learn from? Did you have any mentors, teachers on the job that you would like to point out (and also thank)?

As I understand your question regards our region. Michael Conrad doubtless the most significant mentor and creative leader in the region and not only. Jarek Ziębiński, great leader, creator of true growth – both creative and businesswise. In fact he has established the position and reputation of Leo Burnett in the region for years. Sometimes I think there is a scarcity of that kind of leaders in the industry here in the region. Genuine ad man. I feel proud to know him and to have worked in his team.

Adrian Botan – it is absolutely phenomenal what he did and achieve within McCann – not only in Bucharest but also looking for the region. I admire the scale of transformation he has conducted. I have this feeling of positive envy. I regret that I never had opportunity to work with him.

Childhood dreams? What did you want to be, to achieve before you’ve decided on your career? Did you ever get to realise your dreams? How come?

Well, childhood dreams are both ridiculous and serious. The irony is that silly ones often come true while serious not necessarily. I had luck to experience the fulfilment of both. But despite great filling of it there is still much to meet and much to dream on.

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