A Small Step Is Better Than Nothing

Advertising, creative work, comms, all those things that we do day in day out – they all seem so important to us. All these big budgets and important bosses that we deal with on a daily basis. And if you’re lucky and talented enough to win a Lion- you can feel like a God. But what are we doing, really? And why?

The best answer I've heard to this question came from my 5-year-old daughter. She asked me what it is that I do, I told her I make video ads, and she blurted out, “So you're the one stopping kids from watching cartoons, Dad?!” By this she meant the pre-roll ads on YouTube that always pop up when she's watching Peppa Pig on my phone.

Yes, distinguished ladies and gents of the creative fields, this is what you do – you get in the way of kids watching cartoons! You can quote that in your job description. This is your primary occupation. Thank god at least it pays well!

And so, in order to redeem yourself, even just a little, in the eyes of humanity and children, you need to create campaigns that do good, that are capable of changing things, even in small ways. And they are capable! I have proof - me! I created the campaign LikefromLeo, which raised awareness about the issue of recycling. I completely immersed myself in the topic, and since then, I have never littered. So, there’s an example for you. Advertising changed the world for the better. And I’m sure there are thousands more people who have been affected by it, but I can’t speak for them, I can only speak for myself. So, advertising can and does change the world for the better, for even the smallest step forward is still better than walking on the spot.


Artem Sinyavski, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Marvelous, Russia