Change is a (re)birth

Mankind is weird. It is capable of fantastic performances both individually and collectively, which is a truly amazing thing. But at the same time, it can cruelly devastate anything, whether it’s about itself, its environment or the whole world. Unbelievable.

They say we live in the age of the fastest change ever. In the century where we are experiencing 20,000 years of technological development in 100 years (WTF???). They say that children born today will do 80% of their work in jobs that do not exist yet.

Goals? Oh, of course they always were, are, and will be. And they always change. And they change quite easily.

But we change slowly and hardly. We find it difficult to accept advice, ideas, thoughts from others. And it's damn hard to see and accept that we MUST change.

Humanity has come this far in evolution because of its ability to change faster than the competing species. But today we no longer have to defeat other earthlings but ourselves. This is needed in order not to die in our own existence and make the Earth a dead wasteland.

Fast development and changes result in an enormous flow of information that almost strangles us. In this dense, wavy and sometimes turbulent “sea” we, the creatives paddle every day. Everyone around us is defending him or herself in various ways avoid drowning in the sea while we try to impress them with different messages. Not easy.

But what is it that someone not only notices, but also is changed by it? Or even better, can he make a big difference in himself?

Emotions. Emotions that lift you out of the sea for a few moments. Those can deeply touch you. As a result of which we are able and willing to make fundamental changes.

A member of my family hadn't travelled for many years, was just home and in a tight environment, and hadn't gone anywhere for more than half a day. Today, however, she is happy to travel again.

Another had been smoking for more than 40 years, she didn't even want to hear about quitting, and once called cigarettes the only joy in his life. Tough? Yes. But even harder that later she gave up smoking in a moment, because of her own decision.

What was the emotional impact on them that allowed them to change? The birth of my little daughter. Bang! Now of course you can say: “Okay thanks, but what the hell is this guy talking about? How can this be compared to our work?”

I think this is the highest and most beautiful goal of creativity. To achieve an impact that can change people so deeply. Maybe this will only come once in your lifetime. But it’s sure you will remember that. And others too.


Zsolt Lázár, Copywriter, Café Communications – Budapest, Hungary