Or the changes that had impacted my work.

It is interesting to see in 2019, how evil became banal.

While we see the temperatures massively increasing around the globe, Greenland melting at records levels, and the permafrost in the Arctic thawing 70 years earlier than predicted.

We get used to seeing fewer insects, bees, birds, and biodiversity decreasing at speed never encountered before.

While we stare at these puzzling facts, like being on a train seeing in slow motion everything deteriorating with limited power, not able to leave the train; in that same interval we see country leaders (or train drivers) accepting to see the amazon deforested, and fires increasing to the detriment of common natural resources.

The banality of evil in 2019, is also seeing on the other side, Europe prolonging the use of Glyphosate while it is proven to directly impact the decrease of insects’ presence across the territory. The banality of evil is to read that some individuals with a vast extend of power are putting entire ranges of the population at risk by being climate sceptical and that this word still exists!

At this particular conjuncture, most people try to process this information and identify on their own level how to decrease their carbon footprint selecting eco-friendlier and using less water where possible, choosing renewable energies when available, and sometimes drastically changing their home and daily lives.

While most of the population is becoming conscious and actively changing their daily routine, there is this banality of evil raising again proposing to buy Greenland to extract more fossil fuels now that the ice is melting faster, or merely denying climate change as they often partially benefit from natural resource mass destruction, making them too reluctant to change.

The banality of evil is when egoism of a few is stronger than the future of all.

Today in 2019, unfortunately, there are only two groups of people. The ones who say; I fight every day for the planet and against climate change as time is counted, and the other group who let the situation deteriorate.

There is, unfortunately, no grey area in this particular case, not an “in-between”, and none of these groups will be able to say I DID NOT KNOW…

It is in this specific conjuncture that at the 360 Agency Berlin, we decided to create different key visuals to raise awareness of climate change, as part of our CSR terms. We do not generate any revenue when launching these, we truly ally our passion and determination with creative action and choosing to work only with sustainable clients became a requisite. It is a drop in the ocean, while each drop counts.

These are definitely the latest main changes impacting our work lately.



Andrea Henao, Managing Director, 360 Agency Berlin and 360 Agency Europe, Germany