Once we were warriors

(Few tips from an outspoken supporter)

. Advertising is an essential component of any competitive market’ economy driving growth and dynamism, but above all it’s an egalitarian industry: it cares for only one thing: IDEAS.

. Nowadays the tools and technology are overwhelming all of us and digitalization with lack of creativity will not help our business, it will destroy brands faster.                                                   

“A lot of people running ad agencies are not paid to manage creativity, they are paid to manage numbers.”

. Big data buried the quest for simplicity and pure IDEAS, for brave and different point of view.

. And yet, according to Kantar, 85% of clients are craving creative thinking and are looking for unexpected people and places to find it.

. We have to rise the challenge: go back to IDEAS that make the brand a nice story to be told (not nice story telling around the brand!).

This will be – in my opinion - the way to count again, capturing the zeitgeist of a society in one moment and being able to be masters and actors (not just extra) for shaping and changing, for the best, attitudes, behaviours, feelings, emotions.

The world needs a break: are we ready to help?

THERE IS A CRACK IN EVERYTHING                                                                                          THAT’S HOW LIGHT GETS IN                                                                                                          (Leonard Cohen, Anthem)


Milka Pogliani, Creative Consultant and Adviser and former Chairwoman of the European Creative Council EMEA, Chairwoman and Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup, Italy