Golden Drum is committed to peace and friendship


The advertising industry supports Ukraine through its medium of creativity

Golden Drum, the international festival of creativity, was established with the purpose of connecting the advertising communities of New Europe. It has been a strong promoter of peace, dialogue, and freedom of expression. The festival condemns any act of aggression.

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”, states Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those rights must not be taken away. By no one, by no means.

We have our own voices, and we should use them to prevent misinformation regarding the war in Ukraine, especially among the Russian people. Many of our Russian colleagues condemn the war but could face strict measures from their government if they speak about it openly. We understand their struggle. But we cannot stay silent and do nothing.

Ukraine is a cherished member of our community, and its people need support now. We must share their voices across the Golden Drum channels to reach every person who can help in any way, if nothing else by disseminating the true facts of the situation.

To further a transparent overview of the situation in Ukraine, Depositphotos, a Ukraine-based content platform providing stock photos, graphics and videos, is trying to help by sharing photos to oppose misinformation and especially the Russian propaganda.

The production service company Radioaktive Film is among those members of the local advertising and production scene who are encouraging the rest of the industry to #StandWithUkraine.

A group of individuals from Ukraine's creative industry has issued a brief to the global creative community: Prevent WW3. It is a project engaging creative specialists from all over the world to make a statement in support of peace and freedom.

We share the No Shelter call to support creatives during the war. For organizations, this is a place to find open source tools and assets to communicate with their clients and partners.

Dear Drummers, now is the time to stand together in solidarity and hopefully contribute, if only our small part, to ending this agression. We all have platforms enabling us to share support for Ukraine.


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