»Creativity changes the way individuals perceive current challenges.«


Andrea Henao, Managing Director of 360 Agency Berlin and 360 Agency Europe in Germany, the first ever sustainable advertising agency in the world, promoting exclusively sustainable brands across the globe, is at her work not only creative, but also environmentally responsible.

One of the main pillars of Andrea's work is maintaining ethical attitude towards the environment, where she skillfully incorporates creativity, which she perceives as one of the key components when shifting the situation for the better. »We do believe that creativity has this incredible power of helping not only to raise awareness but also change the way individuals perceive current challenges such as climate deregulation.«

Ever since she started in global advertising she observes massive changes within it.

»These changes were first monitored in the campaign budgets shifting gradually to online until exceed offline budgets. During this agile mutation it was required to gain promplty digital implementation knowledge and experience, to understand the new possibilities of planning and development of these new increasing part of a media plan.«

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