Don’t wait and expect things are just going to get fixed on their own


When Outfit 7 wanted to bring in another product under the company name and still deliver on the same promises as before, they had to reposition. They formed a corporate identity and recreated themselves and the promise, they will be able of sticking to.

The new company DNA is supported by four main pillars – People, Agility, Boldness, and Responsibility – which express that they are serious about what they do, but they also have a lot of fun when they are doing it.

As Milica Berček, Outfit7’s Senior Marketing Strategist, said today: ‘’What we have done is to change from our kid driving in the front seat and the parent sitting in the back, to making sure that we are the vehicle, our people are the drivers, and our products are the result of our passion and love for what we do. No matter what happens with our products, as long as we’re there, we are going to create new ones that will be relevant and resonate with the audience.’’

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