Game Changer Award is powered by Telemach Slovenia!


We are thrilled to announce that the Game Changer Award is powered by Telemach Slovenia!

This award celebrates groundbreaking creativity that challenges the traditional norms of advertising, whether through innovative ideas, concepts, or executions. It's a platform for redefining the industry's future.

Nina Usnik, Marketing Director at Telemach Slovenia: "Support for the Golden Drum and especially the Award open globally: "Game Changer" is quite self-evident for Telemach Slovenia. In the company, we are aware that only changes ensure development, and that is why we have been a game changer on the Slovenian telecommunications market for years with our services. Our fixed services with EON packages and mobile services with the VEČ family packages push the boundaries on the Slovenian market and have brought us to the 1st place among fixed broadband internet and video providers, and for years have ensured us the reputation of the fastest growing mobile operator in Slovenia. As we have done so far, we in our company will continue to make sure that we always bring changes, because this is the only way we will continue to fulfill one of our guidelines, namely that we are always in the game."

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