Get ready for tonight


Following our captivating program, get ready for the exhilarating highlight of the 29th Golden Drum Festival. It all begins with the Winners Reception, powered by Merit HP and open to everyone.

At 20:00, the spotlight shifts to the Golden Drum Awards Show, powered by Mastercard. This gala event is set to honor exceptional creativity, revealing winners across various categories. It's a moment when innovation and talent take center stage, inspiring industry leaders and creative minds.

Then, after, head to the charming town of Piran for the Golden Star Party at Caffe Teater. Hosted by Golden Drum and HitRadio Center, this party promises good vibes, infectious grooves, and a chance to raise your glass to the knowledge, friendships, and remarkable work discovered during this year's festival.

Cheers to all the Drummers celebrating with us!

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