Golden Drum Competition Novelties


Last year major changes in the competition were introduced with four main competition sections and an additional All Juries sectionnew sustainable trophies, a new award point system, and the newly presented Bronze Drum award.

Find out what’s new this year. The festival will open for submission in March.


New Awards

Golden Drum presents two new special awards:

  • Production Agency of the Year Award will recognise the best production company showing outstanding pre- or post-production work.
  • Digital Agency of the Year Award will celebrate the best digital agency showing exceptional creativity in the digital world.


Groups & Categories 

Omni-Channel Drum’s group Engagement has been improved with a new description and a new category: Creative Use of Technology, celebrating the creative and innovative use of technology towards a better user experience and increased consumer engagement.

The All Juries section will be shortlisted by all four juries in the first round of judging and will include four jury presidents and 2 representatives of each of the four juries chosen by the organiser in the second round of judging. This will generate more perspective and diverse insight into these special groups, resulting in a fair judging process.


Peek at the Competition Map to navigate through changes

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