Graphische and Golden Drum for Young Drummers


Golden Drum Festival teamed up with the “Graphische”, the leading institution for education in the fields of printing and media technology, photography, multimedia, and graphic and communication design in Austria, to create a unique opportunity for their Masterclass students by organizing a learning experience through a competition for the best creative concept targeting Young Drummers.

Twelve teams, altogether 27 students, have spent from October 2020 to February 2021, around 5.000 hours working on their creative solutions. Goran Golik and Giovanni Corsaro, professors at Graphische together with the Golden Drum team were looking for unique and creative solutions. The concept of the visual and graphic design needed to be clearly understandable, relevant to target audience and suitable for implementation.

The winning team - Drechsler Mariella, Grimm Lisa and Sprajc Yann presented the idea behind the winning solution that impressed the jury as it created an interactive, creative and fresh online experience. It perfectly captured the closeness, friendship spirit and relaxed atmosphere of Golden Drum.

Goran Golik, professor at Graphische added: “I am extremely happy about the collaboration with the Golden Drum Festival and the ideas and creative solutions from our students, in brand building, communication concepts and design for Golden Drum - Young Drummers. Communication and advertising must always look for new creative and intelligent solutions, ways and channels to generate attention and involvement. And that is exactly what our students succeeded in doing in this competition. Especially the winning team, with the ingenious idea of gamification of the Young Drummers (Online) Festival with an entertaining and smart visual and concept idea, the fusion of the digital and analog world in a new setting.”

Giovanni Corsaro, professor at Graphische said: “Golden Drum and the “Graphische” have been maintaining a very good relationship for many years and with our student we are regular festival visitors in Portorož. We share not only a common passion for exceptional creative communication, design and knowledge transfer, but also internationality and diversity.  This is also reflected in the backgrounds, works and approaches of our students and professors. Co-creating the identity for Young Drummers, as an international platform for Young Creatives, was a great opportunity for all of us to experiment, and for design students themselves to develop something for design students as a target group. Not an easy task. But exactly such projects are fun and fun is one of the main drivers in our job.”

Congratulations to the winners that will present their solution and the creative process behind it at Creative Accelerator Day held in scope of Golden Drum Festival on 13 October 2021!

See what the winning team had to say about the experience >>

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