How to win people’s hearts and minds?


Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President of Healthcare Business at Mastercard shared his recipes for successfully leading teams in unprecedented times, pursuing purpose, and introducing a multi-sensory branding journey.

‘’In this day and age, we have to find multiple ways to people's hearts and minds. Relying on just two out of five senses is not smart. That is why Mastercard came up with a multi-sensory strategy.’’

He highlighted that the transformational role of marketing and marketers in industries and businesses is on the rise. But the first step is to get your feet into the water and start learning – and be knowledgeable!

But if everyone can do something that someone else can do, how do you differentiate? Raja answered: ’’That is very creativity comes in. We have a big opportunity because companies will need marketing more than ever before to fight in this brutal competitive field; to differentiate, to stand out, win and thrive.’’

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