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We are delighted to announce that the Independent Agency of the Year Award, which recognizes the most successful independent advertising agency that accumulates the highest number of points in the competition, is powered by

" - Crafted for the creative soul, powerful for CFOs. Our roots are deeply connected with the independent agency community. We champion the resilience of all independent agencies especially competing against larger networks in today's dynamic advertising landscape. Allfred operates on two foundational principles: First, crafted for the creative soul, ensuring user-friendly tools that prevent burnout and remove frustrations. Second, we prioritize automation, enabling account managers focus on their core passion: cultivating client relationships and mastering the art of advertising. It's our honor to support the spirit of innovation by sponsoring the "Independent Agency of the Year" award, offering the top three winners services valued at €5000 to elevate their game."

Marek Mrazik - CEO @

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