Independents are built for action


Independent agencies or so-called ‘’indies’’ are growing. That is why we gathered some of the best global independents to talk about their rise, what their workflow looks like, and to discuss their future. As Matt Cooper, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Little Black Book, said: ‘’We are not here to bash the networks but to see what independents bring to the market and what makes them different.’’

Natalie Graeme, Co-Founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, revealed she was frustrated and felt boxed in: ‘’Independents are built for action. You can make the decisions with gut rather than ask someone else who is quite removed from the project for permission. The process is just faster.’’

‘’Under the big agency network, we couldn't do the work and service our clients in a way we wanted to. There is freedom in doing things your way. It’s been incredibly meaningful to work together in continuity and build brands over the years,’’ added Terri Meyer, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Terri and Sandy.

But how do independent agencies work? What difference are they offering to clients?

Anselmo Ramos, Co-Founder and Creative Chairman at GUT answered: ‘’Partners are first friends and then partners – we love each other. Sometimes we even become friends with clients. Life is too short to work with people you don’t like. If the people are happy, they are going to do great work. And if the work is great, clients will be happy. It’s very simple.’’

According to our guests, independent agencies tend to be more chill. Aaron Starkman, National Chief Creative Officer at Rethink hinted: ‘’You don’t have to fire people every quarter when things get a little bad. You can chill out, focus on doing good work and not worry about all these stupid little things.’’

And remember, it is okay if you don’t know everything as Sbu Sitole, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of The Odd Number, honestly said: ‘’We’ve been winging it since we started, and we probably still are. Because we are learning as we do it.’’

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