The architects of a new era


The 30th Golden Drum’s visual identity was again created by one of the most awarded independent agencies in Slovenia, DROM Agency. 

In a realm where artistry and convention coexist, DROM Agency has mastered the art of intertwining compliance with imaginative liberation, forging a harmony that’s both challenging and captivating.

Within the cosmos of visual art, components transcend mere visibility; they breathe life. Vibrant, assertive hues initiate a dance, mirroring the vigor of innovation. The use of abstract shapes and patterns symbolize diversity – an homage to adhering to norms whilst also, bravely diverging from them.

In crafting the new visual identity, DROM Agency navigates a fine line, adhering to established guidelines while nurturing the blossoming of artistic liberty. Their design motifs reverberate with a respect for the festival’s visual heritage, yet boldly venture into new realms of change.

This is Golden Drum: A celebration of those who respect yet redefine, who follow yet lead, who obey yet play - the architects of a new era.

"Navigating between tradition and freedom, design evolves; it draws inspiration from already established visual principles of the festival and openly embraces the future. Emphasizing pixels and other design details demonstrate pushing boundaries, daringly entering new spheres," explained Marko Klemen, Visual Creative Director at DROM Agency from Slovenia.

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