The story behind our new Visual Identity


"Golden Drum is known as the friendliest festival, but also a down-to-earth one. Organized by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, a non-profit organization, the festival focuses on creativity, collaboration, and incredible respect for each individual or company in this industry, and beyond. And since the desire of the Drummers community to return the festival to Bernardin was so strong, we made it happen. On the 9th of October, we will meet again in the lovely Adriatic coastal town of Portorož to celebrate the best in the region. We look forward to amplifying the region's talent and creativity and to creating together globally relevant ideas that will transform our perspective and clients' business for the better," said Mojca Briščik, the president of the Golden Drum festival.


The visual image uses the natural elements that surround us: the sea, the sun, and the Adriatic flower, and challenges us to immerse ourselves in them. "These simple but important micro-elements are key to finding a balance between the past and the present, creating a unique glimpse into the future." The official typography focuses on two primary colors that remind us of summer; yellow symbolically represents the sun and fresh creativity, while blue symbolically connects the festival with the sea and the coastal city.

"The multi-layered designs are created to explore the depths of the three-dimensional in a two-dimensional space. These transformative visuals are based on clear and minimalistic photography and typography with little to no graphic elements that could distract from the core message of our festival - the importance of creativity and the role it plays in shaping our World," said Marko Klemen, Art Director at Drom agency, who is co-creating the festival's image for the fourth year in a row.


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