Unicorn - a parallel highway to success


Iza Sia Login, Tech Entrepreneur, Conscious Businesswoman, Influential Thought Leader, and Philanthropist joined us today on the virtual stage to talk about thinking like a unicorn, feminine energy in the business, and finding the real purpose.

‘’It’s not easy for brands to find the real purpose, but when you find it, you start flying. Money is just a logical consequence, it’s never just about money. The purpose supports the profit but still, it’s not the focus. If managers and leaders create an environment that is safe, creative and allows people to express themselves in their creative way, the success multiplies.’’

So, should marketers initiate the process of transformation and help the company to start thinking like a unicorn? ‘’I say yes for sure. One of marketing’s most important roles is to inspire people and help management because when they are, they will do the best product,’’ answered Iza Sia.

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