WFA recognised the organizer of the Golden Drum Festival


WFA Global Marketer Week in Lisbon recognised the achievements and key initiatives led by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ) through Golden Drum Festival. The Golden Drum has become one of the largest international creative festivals in Europe and attracts more than a thousand established and young European creatives from 40 different countries. The festival strives to raise the standards of marketing communications and to promote transparency in advertising. It has had a profound impact on the development of creative industries especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Awards recognise initiatives that deliver an outstanding contribution to the marketing industry. They are awarded annually to projects run by national advertiser associations that have helped advance the marketer’s agenda and made a real business difference. Initiatives were judged on being able to compellingly demonstrate that they had made a measurable impact in the last year.

“WFA national advertiser associations are working tirelessly to champion the marketing industry and promote what’s best about our activity and profession.” said David Wheldon, outgoing WFA President and CMO at RBS.

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