Irina Romanova

Executive Director, PHD, Co-chairman, pharma communications committee, RACA, Russia

Irina has been working in advertising for over 15 years. She joined the PHD Russia team in 2014. As Executive Director, Irina is in charge of PHD agency products development, network and financial coordination, agency marketing, staff management and development. Prior to her promotion, she was Group Account Director, also at PHD, in charge of Bayer. Irina coordinated the planning team, developed media strategies and oversaw tactical implementations of the client’s campaigns. Moreover, her team prepares buying strategies and builds better methods of interaction between agencies and departments servicing the client on all stages of annual planning.  

Irina is experienced in working with brands from various categories. She led communication strategy development, media innovation and analytical tools development as well as exploration of new media directions for Procter & Gamble, TEVA, Bayer, Wimm-Bill-Dann and other companies. 

Irina has a degree in sociology. She is co-chairperson of the RACA pharma communications committee and RACA webinars moderator on communication in pharmaceutics. She’s jury board member of MedMen Healthcare Creative Awards 2020.

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