João Inácio

Associate Creative Director, Dept, The Netherlands

João is an internationally awarded creative with a fascination for human behaviour.

At the age of 6 he came across a 486 intel computer from his uncle at grandma’s place. That started a journey of discovery into indie games, technology and diving deep into the early days of the internet. 

He majored in journalism and film studies and almost by accident stumbled upon the advertising scene. Since then, he’s been using the power of creativity to change the fate of global brands like
Uber, Samsung, Philips and Adidas at several creative agencies in Lisbon, Hamburg, Prague and (now) Amsterdam.

Considered by the Dutch press as one of the top 10 ad creatives to watch out in the Netherlands, João is passionate about creating ideas that go beyond selling a product and leave a lasting impression.

He is now steering strategy and creativity at one of Europe’s fastest growing digital agencies: Dept.

In his spare time, he devours documentaries on a daily basis, spins records at a very amateur level and learns something new every day with his baby boy Viggo.

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