Portfolio Speed Dating

Challenge your ideas!

Bring them along with your attitude and passion and show us the best you have. Golden Drum gives you the opportunity to meet whoever you want to meet, as long as you are quick enough to make it happen.

Portfolio speed-dating is aimed at Young Drummers (i.e. registered participants at the Golden Drum festival up to 30 years of age) and Students. The session in the festival program is, this year the third time, aimed at young professionals who are starting their careers in marketing communications enabling them to show their work to the senior-level, experienced creatives and get valuable feedback.

How to prepare for your Portfolio Speed-date?

Do you have a mind-blowing photography, illustration, poetry, campaign, poster, application…? As long as it has a really good idea behind it, it is fresh, authentic, original and unique, put it in your portfolio, give a 10-min killer presentation followed by face-to-face 10 min conversation and get valuable feedback from the experienced senior-level people that are working in the industry.

Show as few as possible, but absolutely your best pieces. Be yourself as a person and be yourself in portfolio, don’t spend too much time thinking or guessing what your host/mentor might want to see, but really include the stuff that you are proud of, the stuff that represent who you are as a person and what you want to do in the future.

You will get the feedback you can use. Criticism can feel very harsh at first, but if you look at it as objectively as possible, it could be a valuable advice to you!

Show us how good you really are and fill in the application and send it to Golden Drum festival office by email at [email protected]. Candidates will be selected on FIRST APPLIED, FIRST SERVED basis.

We will close applications on 17 October 2017, at midnight. You have to be registered as a »Young Drummer« or »Student«! for the 24th Golden Drum Festival.