Fernando Vega Olmos, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Picnic Madrid, Spain

It is the experience that builds the Brand, not the other way around.

Most brands aren’t growing because they have forgotten that simple rule. Your brand doesn’t grow as it should, because its strategy has been defined to be narrated, not lived.

You have to reset that. Too much has changed in the world for you to still be dedicating 90% of your budget to buying advertising. You must learn to make the most of the infinite opportunities that modern communication can offer.

It all begins with redefinition: why does your brand exist? It is a fairly simple process. Detecting the relevant tensions in people’s lives beyond their role as your consumers. Then identifying the legitimate levers your brand has to relieve these tensions. To definitively satisfy real needs.

Once all that has been defined, your brand is ready to develop products, experiences, content, and other communication tools. Including, of course, paid media. Do you remember the POEM acronym? Paid, owned, and earned media? They are in the wrong order. Start with owned media to then generate earned media, and you can amplify it with paid media. You can create brand assets so that when people interact with them they will live what you say for themselves.