[OPENING PARTY] Party with a purpose

17.10.2019 21:00 - Caffe Teater, Piran

"For every bottle you recycle, we are going to extend the Opening Party with 1 minute!"

Better have your dancing shoes on, because this party will kick off the festival in style! This year we are going to have a good time with a great cause. Dj Lady Bunny will be generating excitement, giving good vibes of energy and love. But that’s not all, the fun times can be extended if we recycle every bottle. For each bottle recycled at the party, we will extend the party with 1 minute. Have fun!

Start mixing pleasure with business at official festival parties and order a priceless festival Gin & Tonic at a special price 4 EUR. Just alert the bartender with “On Mastercard, please” upon ordering.

Festival shuttles will be available from Mind Hotel Slovenija to Caffe Teater in Piran and back between 21:00 and 02:00. For more information please turn to the Golden Drum team.