Simplify The Future: how a new perspective on creativity can lead us to a better use of tech and a more inspiring and impactful tomorrow?


Rovinj, Croatia

"Have you noticed that every major event of our industry always has a keynote about the future? And that most speakers can't agree on how this future will be? Fabio Seidl, Director for Global Creative Development at Meta (USA) believes we should simplify the future. Working collectively to make creativity, emerging tech, platforms, and storytelling accessible and exciting to everybody. And he'll show how in his keynote at the Golden Drum."

"Every minute there's something new happening on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms: new forms of art, expression, movements, entertainment. And it's mostly brought to life by people like any of us, creators and communities. 'Collective Creativity' is a new way of working, and I'm excited to show how we all can design the future of ideas through curiosity, collaboration and technology."

- Fabio Seidl, Director, Global Creative Development at Meta (USA).

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