Our world is changing at an incredible speed. In every respect. Technologically. Socially. Politically. Climatically. Many people are avoiding the news these days because the pace and drama of these changes overwhelm and frighten them.

Climate change in particular is a topic that moves almost everyone. Because we have come to understand that the world as we have all known it for decades will not be like this in the future. And every day we hesitate to act is a day that affects the future of all of us. That's why NOW is the time to act.

And that's the great thing: We all CAN act. Every single one of us can. Privately and professionally. Yes, even in marketing, in creation, in the media, in research - in all areas of the advertising industry - we can make a difference. And we should all embrace this opportunity. That's why we would like to take a look at the here and now with you and use examples and cases to show what we can do to secure the future of our world in our daily doings.

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