[TALK] Raw or Die

17.10.2019 14:00 - Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

Boogie is a real master of ghetto photography, tireless hunter of the cities and human souls. He has a fast hand and a good eye. Camera is his weapon and he is a number one “shooter” in Belgrade, and also in Brooklyn.

He feels good in every city that has a story to tell. He never misses a thing. Not a man, nor a shadow or facade. He approaches everything with respect, people like to open up to him and the city welcomes him.

He rushes to always press the button at the right time. Nothing about him is fake, just raw. All his photos are a mirror of life. Rawness is his signature, authenticity is his truth, rawness is his attitude.

The secret of his global success is in the fact that he recognizes the essence of the city, criminals, sportsmen and homeless and is able to show his talent by presenting the rawness of the world through his photos.
Where he presses the button on camera, at that time, it is the center of the world.

He approaches the person whom everybody else is distanced from. In the eyes of Boogie every street can be beautiful and every person can tell a big life story, but it needs to be told from the proper angle. Boogie knows that angle and has a key to storytelling. That is why he is so important.

His pray are unique photos published in ten books. He is chased by the companies such as New York Yankees, HBO, Nike, Air Jordan. His photos were published by The Rolling Stone, Playboy, Time Magazine, The New York Times.

His first book “ITS ALL GOOD” that presented addicts of Brooklyn and local young gangsters without reluctance, mask or adoration, attracted worldwide attention. By taking photos of the dark side of life Boogie is giving us beautiful photos.

He started taking photographs of demonstrations and riots during 1990s in Belgrade and later on he successfully took photos of restless souls of people of New York, Moscow and Brazil… The last book where Boogie presents all the rawness of his hometown is titled BELGRADE GUIDE – BOOGIE and was published by New Moment agency.

Big clients who recognized Boogie’s rawness and his photos showing real life want to work with him. Nowadays the point of everything is to present a real picture, clear and without leftovers. Raw, just like Boogie is doing it.

Boogie is all about rawness, he goes straight to the end in the same direction that advertising is supposedly going nowadays. During this talk Jasmina and Boogie will among other things speak about advertising – is it really going towards rawness? And how much rawness is in advertising today?