[TRIBUTE] Dragan Sakan: The Art of Advertising


The year 2020 marked 10 years since our industry lost one of the most respected and admired creative minds of the Balkans and beyond, our dear Hall of Fame Member, the great Dragan Sakan - Saki. Since the festival was canceled in 2020 and we could not pay tribute to him then, we would like to honour Saki’s memory, his deeply seeded roots into the Golden Drum community and his rich legacy with a short documentary prepared by Žarko and Lazar Sakan and their agency New Moment New Ideas Company from Belgrade, Serbia.

About Dragan Sakan:

Magazine Advertising Age, Washington, described him as “an almost mythical figure, a man who transformed propaganda into advertising in the Balkan region.”

Dragan Sakan (19 July 1950 – 3 October 2010) was a visionary who believed that the idea is the strongest currency.

He introduced international standards in the field of advertising and design and was one of the pioneer creative directors in ex Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe. Sakan was a president and a member of numerous advertising festival juries both in Europe and worldwide. He was a conceptual creator and producer of many projects in various domains of human spirit.

He founded the advertising agency New Moment New Ideas Company, one of the most awarded agencies in the Balkans, today successfully run by his sons Žarko Sakan and Lazar Sakan.

Dragan Sakan’s life and business philosophy was based on the following principles: “Idea is the strongest currency”, “Nothing is created unless it was dreamt first” and “One sees clearly only with the heart”.

Several books talk about Dragan Sakan – Kako smo uspjeli: 13 legendi jugoslovenskog biznisa (How We Succeeded: 13 Legends of Yugoslav Business), Najsvetliji duhovi Srbije (The Brightest Spirits of Serbia), Kultni likovi Beograda (The Iconic Figures of Belgrade), Ko je ko u Srbiji (Who is Who in Serbia).

He authored three books: „Pretty Woman” (1996), „New Communication” (2005) i „New Idea Woman – My Profession is Dragan Sakan” (2010).

He was awarded member of the Hall of fame in Golden Drum, Portoroz, Creative Person of the Year at JFTK (Yugoslav Festival of Commercial Communication) in Portorož (1985), Creative Director at the Agency Borba gaining the largest number of awards at JFTK in Portorož (1985), He was a creative director of the New Europe Agency of the Year in Portorož in 1998 and the Ambassador of Serbian creativity in 2008. He received the award Žiža Vasić from the Psychologists Association of Serbia for the popularization of psychology (1986). He also received Lifetime Achievement Award by UEPS (Serbian Association of Commercial Communication) in Belgrade (2000) and Freedom Award by International Peace Centre Sarajevo (2008).

Dragan Sakan died on 3 October 2010.

His visionary spirit inspired many and continues to live through all those who love and respect him.

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